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Founded in 2011, Kellogg & Caviar is an established PR agency that advises some of the industry’s leading food and restaurant brands on their communication strategies.

Born out of our passion for helping businesses garner the media attention they deserve, we built a firm that relies on effective storytelling, creative ideas and strong relationships with the media to achieve next-level results for our clients.

“I credit Elizabeth with getting my name out there in the culinary world beyond just the local press. More often than not, more talented chefs than me often go unnoticed. She really goes the extra mile, and in my case, got the NY Times and Village Voice, to name a few, to give a relatively unknown chef a little love. Thank you Liz!”

– David DiSalvo, Executive Chef W Hotels New York, Downtown

Our deft ability at crafting smart, compelling narratives that speak directly to your brand is how we deliver impressive results for our clients. From orchestrated brand revamps to new concept launches, we develop a strategy that’s unique to the goals that you and your company want to achieve. Check out some of our recent work here.

If you’re looking for a big firm to handle your PR, we’re not the one for you. We’re small by design. We forgo hierarchy for nimbleness so that we can get things done faster with fewer layers. And because we’re small, you’ll get to work with only the best talent who truly care about seeing you succeed.

“Kellogg & Caviar took the time to understand who we are and how we market ourselves, and came up with really innovative opportunities and channels in which to pitch us. Through their creativity and hard work, they helped us share what makes us special with so many new people.”

- Andy Jacobi, Owner of Untamed Sandwiches


Liz Kellogg brings more than 10 years of public relations experience to her role as founder and president of Kellogg & Caviar. Early in her career she worked in publicity for celebrity chef Rachael Ray, assisting in the implementation of a nationwide public relations campaign for her daytime show that earned record-setting Nielsen ratings and an Emmy nod.

Her gig in television eventually led Kellogg to take a job working as a lead account executive at one of the city’s most respected restaurant-hospitality firms, where she learned the mechanics of driving successful public relations campaigns for local and national hospitality clients. Eager to expand her skill set, Kellogg joined the team working to revamp a multi-unit fast-casual brand to better meet the changing tastes of consumers.

As part of the team that transformed The Pump Energy Food into Dig Inn Seasonal Market, a multi-unit fast-casual brand, Kellogg advanced herself in areas such as marketing, positioning and brand strategy. This broader business knowledge prepared Kellogg to launch her own company in 2011 focused on PR, marketing and strategy.