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4 Reasons Why Hiring A Smaller PR Firm Can Get You Bigger Results

I field this question a lot from prospective clients:

Why should we hire you, a smaller PR company, instead of one of the big-box firms?

It’s a great question, and probably one that I would ask if I were sitting on the other side of the table. I always appreciate good questions in new business meetings because it tells me that the prospective client is discerning—a quality that I look for in any company that I represent. Not only does it show me that this person is serious about selecting the right restaurant PR agency, but it also gives me the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of going with Kellogg & Caviar.

When this question comes up in a meeting, I answer it in the same way every time, citing specific reasons why bigger isn’t always better. Here, I list them:

Reason #1: Personal Attention and Direct Access to the Boss

At the bigger firms, including those with 20 employees or less, your account is assigned to a lower-level account executive who has probably been working in PR for a mere couple of years. They manage the account, interface with the client and pitch the media, but they have little to no incentive to work hard for you. At Kellogg & Caviar, however, I am involved in every aspect of the account—from creating the press materials to pitching the media—ensuring that all of our efforts are seamless and effecitve. Plus, I have a huge incentive to work hard for my clients: the better work that I do on your account the better my business does. It’s that simple.

Reason #2: Client Cannibalization is Unlikely

The bigger firms tend to have more of the same types of clients, so the likelihood of cannibalization is high. For example, let’s say you’re a high-end French restaurant and your PR company has three other high-end French restaurant clients. When this happens, your business is competing with three others for the same press opportunities. Small firms, like Kellogg & Caviar, have less direct client competition and we’re very strategic in making sure that we do not take on too many of the same clients so as to prevent overshadowing or conflict-of-interest.

Reason #3: Less Bureaucracy and More Efficiency

Smaller companies work quicker because there are fewer layers. Mid- to large-size firms are notorious for slow output and lack of accountability. If you’ve worked with a PR firm before, you know that it doesn’t take two weeks to draft a press release. It should take 2-3 days to submit a press release draft to a client, assuming that all the information necessary to do so is available. Larger PR firms sit on things for a lot longer because it’s easy for it to get lost in the chain of command. Smaller firms, like us, are much more nimble and turnaround work at a fastest speed.

Reason #4: We Can Charge Our Clients Less And Still Deliver Results

Smaller firms have lower overhead because they have fewer expenses and employees to pay. At Kellogg & Caviar we operate a smart office with little to no waste, which means that we can afford to charge the client less than a PR firm that has to furnish a larger operation.

In conclusion, I’ve been doing PR for nearly 10 years in New York City, and I’ve worked at small, medium and large firms. I’m familiar with how these places operate. When I started Kellogg & Caviar three years ago, I saw an opportunity to streamline the restaurant PR agency to be more effective, personable and results-driven.